ToDo Manager Documentation

Writing a Patch

Getting Started
First, it is recommended that you use a very recent CVS nightly build or get the code straight from CVS. There are two reasons for this:

Coding Style
Patches are more likely to be accepted if they are in the same format and style as the rest of the code in the project. I won't purposefully reject a patch if it's coding style doesn't match the projects, but It definitely makes it easier on the developers when it does.

Patch Format
All patches should be generated from the root ToDo Manager source directory. If possible, the patch should be in the unified format. This can be accomplished with CVS by executing the following command:

cvs diff -u > patchfile.diff

You should consult the documentaion for any other software that you may use to generate the patch.

Submitting the Patch
Once the patch is completed you may submit it to the patch tracker at Or you may email it as an attachment to