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CVS Information

CVS Stands for the Concurrent Version System. It is a version control system that allows you to track changes in a project's source files. CVS always has the latest bug fixes and features, though the code in this state may not be entirely stable.

To check out the most recent version of ToDo Manager from CVS:
First, you need CVS, it is available from

Login to CVS: cvs login

when prompted for a password just press enter.

Check out the directory: cvs -z3 co todo-manager

You should now have a directory called todo-manager that will have all of the files for ToDo Manager in it. Now all you need to do is run `cvs update -dP` inside the directory every now and then to update all the files to the most recent versions.

Getting a Specific Version or Branch: cvs update -r branchname
Revisions are taged like this: rel-majorversion_minorversion (Note: before version 0.60, release were tagged in the format rel-majorversion-minorversion)

    So, if you wanted version 0.60, you just enter: cvs update -r rel-0_60

Release branches are the same, but have a different prefix: branch-majorversion_minorversion. A release branch contains the latest bug fixes for the specified version.

    You could get the branch for 0.60 with this command: cvs update -r fix-0_60

Development lines have two methods: dev-majorversion_minorversion or dev-codename

When you want to go back to the main CVS trunk: cvs update -A

That's all there is to it.

CVS Mailing List

ToDo Manager has a mailing list that will notify you when new commits are made to CVS. You can subscribe to it at

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