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ToDo Manager Change Log

Version 0.75.1(11/16/2003):
     * Fixes a bug that would causes export plugins to crash
     * Fixes a bug that would cause the task list to get corrupted after an
        export plugin crashed

Version 0.75 (09/30/2003):
     * Added an option that saves a backup of the current task list in the
        user's (.)todo-manager directory for crash recovery
        - The user will be prompted if they want to restore the original file
        from the backup copy
     * New command-line option that dissables plugin loading (-P)
     * Updated German translation and changed all translation charsets to UTF-8
        (thanks, Dennis Benzinger)
     * Added a script that will update any translation with new translations
        strings that have been added (i18n/
     * Added a scrollbar to the Note textbox
     * The current date on the calendar is highlighted in blue

Version 0.70.2 (03/16/2003):
     * Groups with multilingual characters no longer cause an exception
     * Modifying the task list with group filtering on will no longer cause all
        tasks to be shown

Version 0.70.1 (03/08/2003):
     * Task group listings are now correct after opening a file

Version 0.70 (02/24/2003):
     * New data entry layout
     * File->Export will preserve sorting and filters on the exported task list
     * Added French translation (thanks Florent Manens)
     * Task groups and filtering by groups
        - Tasks can be put into multiple groups by separating each group with a
        comma (,).
     * Major speed improvements on the calendar control

version 0.66.1 (11/19/2002):
     * Years that are out of range will no longer cause a crash
     * Export plugins will now execute correctly
     * The "Import Old File" plugin will now handle date values correctly
     * "Only show tasks due on the selected date." on the calendar control
        works correctly again.
     * Added German translation (thanks Christian Seidl)

version 0.66 (11/07/2002):
     * Added Ukrainian translation (thanks Oleg Deribas)
     * Added Dutch translation (thanks Henry Baumgartl)
     * Language and locale settings will now be correct on Windows
     * The date and time should now be parsed correctly
     * A new option was added that allows the default date format to be set
        - This defaults back to the locale's format on systems that support it
        and will be set to the international format (YYYY-MM-DD) on those that
     * Plugins located in the user's .todo-manager/plugins directory are now

version 0.65 (09/28/2002):
     * Re-implemented the ability to save the last sorting mode used. It now
        also saves the last filter used too
     * The documentation has been extended and broken up into multiple pages
     * New Plugin system that is more secure
     * New design for the Options dialog
        - Ability to use a web browser other than the default one
        - Option to disable plugin loading
     * The configuration and default task file are now stored in the user's
        HOME in the .todo-manager directory. These files will be copied from the
        original todo-manager source directory if the .todo-manager directory
        doesn't exist.

version 0.60.1 (09/06/2002):
     * Fixed some bugs when switching between months in the calendar control
     * Text in the Task List is cropped off more evenly
     * The Tk options file will now be loaded when the app is executed outside of
        it's native directory
     * An error dialog will be displayed if a task sorting or filter plugin
        doesn't execute correctly

version 0.60 (08/20/2002):
     * The program has been completely rewritten to make it more modular
     * The main application and interface have been split so new custom
        interfaces can be created
     * ObjectListbox no longer depends on ToDo Manager and can be used in other
        software projects
     * The colors of the task list can now be customized
     * Task list columns can be hidden
     * New calendar control
     * Task filters
     * A warning is displayed when a task is due
     * The 'getting started' documentation has been
        updated (thanks Bill Sherlock)
     * Internationalization support

version 0.51a (11/06/2001):
     * A bad, bad bug kept the program from starting up

version 0.51 (11/05/2001):
     * Ability to disable finish for tasks
     * Opening default.tmf is the same as reloading it

version 0.50a (10/22/2001):
     * Reload Default File no longer loads default.tmf on top of the current file
     * It used to use 'time.strptime'. That wasn't very smart of me.
     * If the due date was in the wrong format the current date would be entered
        in the field twice (Windows only)

version 0.50 (10/17/2001):
     * Bug fix: if todo-manager.ini couldn't be found, the default file
        wouldn't load
     * Due Date is now listed in the task list (suggested by Christoph Herzog)
     * New command-line switches
     * "Properties" is now "Options"
     * New options on non-Windows systems to configure window offsets
     * Option to save the sorting mode last used

version 0.41 BETA (10/03/2001):
     * Properties dialog and options (File->Properties)
     * Small dialog resizing changes

version 0.40 BETA (09/14/2001):
     * Plugin architecture for file import/export and task sorting
        - File Import: Old ToDo Manager Files (versions 0.20 and 0.25)
        - File Export: Plain text, HTML
     * Added a command to the File menu to reload the default file
     * Command argument "-N" to startup with a new blank file
     * Changed the look of the about dialog. The hyperlinks are now clickable
     * It no longer crashes if the default file can't be created

version 0.30 BETA (08/22/2001):
     * The controls now adjust to dialog resizing
     * Selectable sorting modes
     * Due Date format checking
     * Default file that is created/loaded on start and automatically saved on
     * New file format

version 0.25 BETA (07/20/2001):
     * Task lists can now be saved in HTML format
     * Better text field auto-clearing (Phantom fields)
     * Changed the display of the list box
     * Changed the accelerator key for clearing fields to Ctrl + L so copying
        now works (it was Ctrl + C)
     * Fixed a small bug that, in rare cases, would cause Python to hang
     * Updated documentation

version 0.20 BETA (06/27/2001):
     * Item priorities
     * Due dates
     * Command arguments
     * ".tmf" is appended to all filenames without extensions when saving
        (i.e. my_tasks becomes my_tasks.tmf)
     * "Clear Fields" Button added
     * F1 now activates help
     * New file format
     * More organized text output
     * The items are now sorted by priority
     * New about dialog design

version 0.10a BETA (06/11/2001):
     * Task name shortening improved on the task list
     * The Linux File->Open dialog now displays the ".tmf" filetype

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